Kombucha Kamp is coming to Crashspace!

Kombucha Kamp is coming! Enjoy sipping on Hannah’s Homebrew Kombucha while learning about the history, health benefits and how-to’s in this fun and informative workshop. Master Brewer Hannah Crum shares the history of fermented foods as well as their health benefits with a specific focus on Kombucha, the fermented tea with a funny name. Part presentation, part demonstration with plenty of time for questions, this workshop will leave you armed with the knowledge and skills to make a lifetime supply of your own healthy, home-brewed Kombucha. Attendees will get to try samples and take home their own SCOBY to start brewing at home.

Saturday April 28th @ 1:00pm

A 50% discount has been extended to Crashspace members and friends. Enter CRASHKAMP at checkout. Buy Tix here


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