Easy exploration of reactive lighting, say hello to Luminance.

Just launched on Kickstarter, the Luminance project (by CRASHspace member Naim Busek) will be creating the core of a development platform to enable exploration of reactive lighting systems by anyone.

Built around an Arduino core, the Luminance platform can take an application like the “blink” example (the “hello world” of embedded development) and kick it up a notch to “blink when I move” or other even more exciting applications. The system will ship pre-programmed for use straight out of the box or it can be connected to your computer and you can easily make it do something different by dropping a different example sketch onto it. The best thing about the Luminance platform is that it will enable everyone to explore the cool things that can be done with motion or sound reactive lighting.

Designed from the ground up to withstand harsh conditions, the Arduino compatible main board, a sensor shield, an LED driver shield and battery are wrapped in a rugged aluminum enclosure creating a bullet proof hardware platform for use in exploring motion or sound reactive systems.

Since the project is being developed by a CRASHspace member, if funded, a number of the prototypes will end up around the space for use in projects. The Luminance hardware is already finding its’ way into projects around the space.

Matt’s motion reactive unicorn horn (built using the prototype hardware):

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