Needle Felted "snowflakes"

So remember way back in the beginning we put a Sunday Crafternoon on the calendar and it never rolled out really b/c we didn’t have the crafting chops for it.

Well Cecily Keim (Teach Yourself VISUALLY Crochet ) is going to take the reins for us starting November 14th from 2 til 4 pm. In case you don’t feel like you have any “appropriate skills” to come hang out and craft she’ll be running a tutorial from 1:30-2 on Needle Felting.

The Crafternoon itself is free for members, 12 dollar suggested donation for nonmembers.

The mini workshop ahead of time is 10 dollars for everyone (materials). Limit to 10-15 people just b/c of space concerns.

Please sign up ahead of time for the class part:

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