Shitty Every Day Calendar


A Shitty Every Day Calendar, inspired by @SimoneGiertz— Kevin Jordan (@idreamincode) October 24, 2018 In honor of Simone Giertz’s Every Day Calendar’s Kickstarter, I made a shitty version of it, here at Crash. The LiteBrite from Target has 31×25 peg holes. Perfect size! ShittyEveryDayCalendar PDF Laser cut this on some construction paper. Buy one of these Lite Brite from Target and tape the paper to the Lite Brite. Requires 3 AA batteries. Solidworks 2016 files Update: I was really concerned making this knockoff would be in bad taste. Luckily, she “loved it”! Not shitty at all! Love it!— Simone…

The shining coast: An ecological survey of light pollution in southern California


Humans, and some of their predecessors, have been pushing back against the night for hundreds of millenia.  Up until the late 19th century this was confined to some form of fire.  Once we figured out how to generate electricity though things really began to take off in terms of lighting up the night sky, and quick. Originally the only group of people who voiced much of any complaints about this trend were astronomers.  As cities grew, and illumination technology improved in both brightness and efficiency, astronomers were forced to retreat farther and farther away from any human habitation in order…

Internet of Karaoke Machines


Cross-posted with a few additions from my personal Medium page. Tl;dr: I put a Raspberry Pi inside a karaoke machine and am managing it with, a Docker-based Internet-of-Things orchestration engine. For a video installation I’m working on, over the past few months, I’ve been on the hunt for something strange considering it’s 2018: a tiny CRT. I hunted thrift stores, dumpsters, eBay, at one point even taking a bunch of buses several hours to check out a film surplus sale in Echo Park. No dice. One day, however, I found myself poking around Goodwill when I spotted a portable…

The oyster gut microbiome and you.


Science is about humanity’s search for the answers to fundamental questions ranging from ‘Why is the speed of light the same for all observers’ to ‘Can I eat that?’. Two years into my graduate school career I now feel secure in knowing that I helped to contribute my little part to our collective understanding of things eating other things, as well as why you should not think too hard when eating oysters. My part of all this is a just-published paper with the snappy title “High turnover of faecal microbiome from algal feedstock experimental manipulations in the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea…

Cannon Tests


Steve and Kevin made a cannon to shoot a 2″x4″ at 100mph. Cannon test 70 mph A post shared by Kevin (@idreamincode) on Feb 6, 2018 at 3:09pm PST

Yogurt for oysters, maybe.


Graduate school gives one a lot of time to think.  If you’re studying marine biology hopefully it has something to do with the sea.  Although I often have a hard time focusing and I think about the person sitting across from me on the bus reading Waiting for Godot, or why Crocs for dogs aren’t a thing. A thousand years ago one way of forcing people into adulthood was to have a vision quest.  You’d go off into the desert for a while and realize, with the help of heat-stroke and psilocybin, that you shouldn’t be a self-absorbed jerk.  You’d…

Burning Man sign


Shaun and Kevin worked on a sign for Shaun’s tribe at Burning Man – POC People of Color. Shaun used the ShopBot CNC to cut out the POC logo and space for the Arduino Nano. Final result is a random selection of colors. Arduino code to randomize the bottom sign and pick 5 random colors for the people in the logo. /** * People of Color – Burning Man */ #define DATA_PIN (5) #define CLOCK_PIN (6) #define LIGHT_COUNT (10) uint32_t pixels[LIGHT_COUNT]; uint32_t rainbowColor[5]; #define pinModeFast(x, y) pinMode(x, y) #define digitalWriteFast(x, y) digitalWrite(x, y) #include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h> #ifdef __AVR__ #include…

Steve’s DIY iPhone Eclipse Filter

0 Taken just after totality of the eclipse, August 21, 2017 in Huntington, OR by Steve Goldstein

Levitating Fountain


Steve Goldstein and Kevin Jordan confused a plethora of stunned Makerfaire makers with their levitating fountain. We used an oscillating pump to create a constant stream of equal droplets for the old trick of water that looks like it stands still using a strobe light. Luckily, we have too much time on our hands and a lot of junk hanging around. We modified the stroboscopic effect by adding a standard bike pump hooked up to an air pressure sensor then had an Arduino Nano change the strobe frequency of a high powered LED strobe light. The effect is stunning in-person as…

Jewelry Box


Crasher Kevin decided to make a jewelry box for his wife for a Valentine’s Day gift. Using the handy ShopBot Desktop at Crashspace it was as easy as can be. More write up over at his site.

Alex’s Hamstrometer is in Raspberry Pi Geek!


This past summer, I read online that the breed of hamsters I own runs more than any other breed: “an equivalent of four human marathons each night on average.” With hopes of figuring out what exactly the “hamster equivalent” of a marathon is, I did a study on my hamster’s gait. And finally, with hopes of discovering whether or not there was any truth behind The Internet’s claims, I built a small Raspberry Pi-powered pedometer and stuck it on my hamsters’ wheel. This month, the lucky portion of you who can read German can check out a 5-page spread on…

Barb Makes Things: New YouTube Channel!


CRASHer Barb (@yes_you_am | is starting a new maker-themed YouTube channel: Barb Makes Things! Check out this amazing trailer she made: Barb will be releasing a new video every Tuesday, so make sure to subscribe to her channel!

Our Bitcoin Instructor Visits SF to Put Bitcoin to the Test


Laura Lopez, who has been running the monthly Intro to Bitcoin classes at CRASH Space (as well as a number of other bitcoin-related classes all over LA) recently went on a trip to SF to see how common the popular cryptocurrency is in the nerd capital of the US. She made this awesome and hilarious video to show us all how it went. And if you like it, you can buy it with bitcoin!

NEW CRASH Space My Little Pony Donation Box


Our donation box just got a serious upgrade: Want to know how it’s made? Check out the detailed walk-through here!

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