Happy Birthday, Sparkles!


Sparkles, our hands-free soldering unicorn was made a one year ago today!

It would've be impossible to imagine how far she'd travel and how many would come to visit in our humble CRASHSpace.

Sparkles: The Soldering My Little Pony Unicorn on BoingBoing

Entertaining the masses at MakeFaire in San Mateo

adafruit industries

sparkles is not the last soldering unicorn. folks have made friendly unicorns to solder projects of their own

This Pwny is Nerd Approved

After a long trip around internet is was time for a night out


we made her a friend

SoCal Linux Expo

Publishd in "Hack This: 24 Incredible Hackerspace Projects from the DIY Movement" by John Baichtal


The Gift !!!


Yes! It was a little touch and go for a minute there. the surgery was an overwhelming success. No face lift or anything aesthetic. She got a major structural upgrade. The temperature was tuned to better care for the tip and keep her skull a cool 90°C

after 6 hours of work she kept a cool head and hot tip. There is nothing better than having a hands-free soldering iron warmed up and ready to go at moments notice


this hard plastic piece was sawed off the original soldering iron. It was drilled, tapped, and counter sunk to serve as a backing plate for securing the soldering iron. long wires were used to hold and align it as a backing plate while longer screws were put in place to better secure the soldering iron.


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