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There are a number of ways to get involved with CRASH Space.

Level One: Occasional Futzer

Things to do:

Level Two: CRASH-curious

If you want to get more involved with CRASHSpace, try things like:

  • Subscribe to the Discussion List, The Discussion List includes the Announcement List emails and a whole lot more. Listen to interesting projects being worked on!
  • Follow us on Twitter.
  • Visit our Flickr stream to see CRASHCam posts and share your own images in the Flickr group.
  • Use the CRASHSpace wiki, a compendium of useful SoCal hacker resources.

Level Three: Friend Of The Space

You love us and you really want to show it… we’ll put a thanks to you on the website for a year!

  • Buy us something from our wishlist(s) (Library, Shop Tools) or buy something for yourself through our Amazon Store.
  • Contribute financially to one of our projects.  (The occasional Pledgie or Kickstarter will be linked to from here.)

Or, give us the cold hard cash. Help pay for our internet and the like. (We’re still working on our 501(c)3 status so no receipt for the Tax Man yet.) Anything you can give is awesome, but here are some links for your convenience at the “suggested donation” levels:

  • $8 per month

  • $8 one-time

  • $64 for a year of love from us

Level Four:  Become a Member

Member Benefits:

  • Access to the space whenever there is another member here.
  • 5-10% Discounts on classes/workshops with fees.
  • 5% off retail on goods from the Crash Space store

Member payment bundles:

  • $37 / month

  • $ 199.80 / 6 month

  • $ 379.60 / a year

Level Five:  Super User Member

This level is for the dedicated!  Super User Membership is available as an upgrade from regular Membership.
Super User Member Benefits:

  • A key to the space for 24/7 access.
  • A deeper discount on the online store.
  • And there are even more discounts and perks. Also some requirements (member of good standing and all that), but the very first is that you must be a regular member so if you are interested start there.

We have 42 memberships available at this level before there is a significant price bump so join early and get hooked. The links below are provided for the convenience of current Super Users. Please do not use them if you aren’t one already.

  • $ 108 / month

  • $ 583 / 6 month

  • $ 1096 / year (includes locker)

The Cabal:

There is a chance to give us oodles of money for a lifetime membership, support the space, and join the cabal… there are only so many allowed at a time… secret handshake required.

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