LA Maker Faire 2024 Recap

A folded piece of paper with "Passport Makers Quest" printed on it
Makers Quest Passport

CRASH Space had a booth at this year’s City of Stem Los Angeles Maker Faire and we had a great time! Our project this year was Makers Quest: an interactive series of puzzles, games, and challenges. Participants received a passport with which they could craft an identity and skills, and track their progress. Our stations included:

  • Hextraction, an open source 3D-printed board game
  • Sound Heist, a sound-based puzzle made using a Makey Makey
  • Learn to Lockpick, an introduction to lockpicking

We also partnered with some friends of CRASH, who received a custom, 3D printed stamp that folks could add to their passport as they visited the Maker Faire. If folks collected all their stamps, they won prizes, which included 3D printed keychains, laser cut decoder rings, and embroidered CRASH patches.

Thank you Barb, Michael, Jay, Jeff, and Ron for running the booth and making Makers Quest a reality! Thanks Juan for the keychains and patches!

Two people sit at a table with a banner that says CRASH Space in the background.
Jay and Liz at the CRASH welcome table
A person sits at a table with a 3D printed board game
Ron with his 3D printed Hextraction board game
Jay 3D printed a cryptic to show off at Maker Faire

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