Infinite in-betweens – Mycology, Art and Justice

Fungi are ubiquitous, queer organisms in our environment that create and facilitate the world around
and within. This unique queendom on the tree of life blurs the boundaries of worlds defined by
humans. Often, they exist and thrive within the fringes – between life and death, between singular
and multiple, between sexes and identities, between the taxonomically distinguished, in harsh and
impossible environments and truly beyond our understanding of time. Fungi are permeable,
promiscuous and profound. In this talk, Bryson will share her knowledge of fungi discussing what
she believes to be vital information for our species in the wake of our environmental, social and
political disruption and how we can with these organisms to foster potentials of renewal and change.

When: 4-5pm Saturday February 27th


Kaitlin Bryson is an ecological artist concerned with environmental and social justice. Her art
practice and activism are focused on biological and metaphysical applications of healing, responding
to the pervasive persistence of harm in the world. Bryson primarily works with fungi as resource,
metaphor and collaborators for her artworks.

Bryson received an MFA in Art & Ecology from the University of New Mexico and currently lives
and works in Los Angeles, CA. Bryson has received support from the Lannan and Andrew W.
Mellon Foundations to create ecologically, remediative artworks. In 2019, Bryson co-founded The
Submergence Collective with Hollis Moore.

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