DFN Happy Hour No. 15: 30 Day Journals Part Two

Coming up Friday at 5:30 pm PDT members Barb Noren (BarbMakesThings), Tod Kurt (todbot) and Carlyn Maw (carlynorama) are back streaming again! Last week we kicked off our 30 day journals (post | video ) and this week we keep on going!!


Last Week Redux

Special Notes

Barb introduced us non-Swedes to the concept of Fika

Beverages Consumed

  • Barb: Stella Artois, can for the win
  • Tod: La Ferme Julien – a Famille Perrin Wine from Trader Joe’s
  • Carlyn: Mojito
    • Mint Leaves
    • Finger Lime
    • Sugar
    • 1 oz Lime Juice
    • 1.5 Oz Light Rum
    • Soda water

This Week Preview

Continuing right along with the the 30 Day Journal Project…


I have kept on making different typefaces, or fonts, or hand lettered alphabets, or whatever you want to call them. They probably (definitely) won’t all end up as usable in text files, but they continue apace. I’m enjoying playing around with them, and I’m actually thinking about making a larger 3-dimensional version of the stylized “fika” in the photo as part of the 30 day project. Fika, btw, is Swedish for a very Swedish kind of coffee break. 

After watching a few different videos, I like the introduction from this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcqxI9hKDj0, ), which is actually a lecture with really great slides from Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA. 


I continue to work on creating new weird sounds with modular synthesizer gear. It’s fun to explore without the framework of making a song or melody or “track”. I’m also working on my own open source synth modules. The one furthest along is also one of the simplest modules you can have. I call it the TrinketTrigger and it uses a super tiny Trinket M0 microcontroller, programmed in CircuitPython.”


Kept on trucking and kept on logging. Ended up taking Matt’s advice to set a timer when I noticed how late I was slipping. It doesn’t “matter” but it does. I am enjoying having the scarf-inches as artifact. If I didn’t have the scarf I’d have to have come up with something else. It would have put more pressure on the drinks to be different everyday and then I’d find that less relaxing.

I’ve gotten so far that finished the first skein. I made a mess of the hank -> ball process for the second skein and wound up in a complete tangle that took me hours to undo. I started looking into getting a yarn swift, but realized I could just use the backs of two of our dining table chairs and hold the hank under tension that way. Worked great. The third hank got balled up in less than 15 minutes.

Since I’m working with wool which felts to itself quite easily I have a lot of options for doing a join. I went with the braided join, but I think I used too long of a length (8 inches) and am at the edge of the piece so it seems more visible. I suspect that I’ll be able to fix it in blocking. I’m debating undoing it and trying again. Yeah, I will likely undo it. (Narrator: She did.)

DateTimeLiquid InfusionAudio InfusionTactile InfusionMisc Notes
8/8/202016:30Barley tea, Pomegranate  juiceGastropod: Shared Platesscarf knitting
8/9/202016:35Barley tea, Pomegranate  juiceGastropod: Oystersscarf knitting
8/10/20205:03Barley tea, Pomegranate  juiceGastropod: Counting Fishscarf knittingmagnetic fish measure 
8/11/20204:35Lemon, dried persimmons, sage, kefir grainsGastropod: Seaweed Specialscarf knitting
since the AM. Good flavor.
8/12/20203:50Lemon, dried persimmons, sage, kefir grainsGastropod: Salt Warshank -> winding & joinDay later… fizzy better with ice., the knots were too bad. couldn’t listen, had to really do it later while T made dinner. Thanks Tod! 
8/13/20203:50Lemon, finger limes, dried persimmons, sage, kefir grainsKitchen Sisters: Kamal Mouzawak – A Lebanese Kitchen Visionscarf knittinglimes added in the am
8/14/20203:52TJ’s sencha green teaAllusionist: Shine Theory, Blood is not Waterrejoin & scarf knittingRejoined, shorter braid, removed a ply from each yarn


I make things that do stuff. The best, though, is teaching others to do the same. Founder of @crashspacela Alum of @ITP_NYU

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