Tuesday Sweep: 7 August 2018

Your weekly reminder to back up your data, update software and otherwise pay attention to your digital environment. (Oh, and to head to the CRASH Space meeting…)

Rolling back to the beginning, Zone 01, connectivity.

I made the mistake of thinking I was ready for a beer before I typed this and I’ve been draining Tod’s attention with my “wow, like, low hierarchy networks are hard, for like… EVERYTHING”  rambling thoughts not even halfway through happy hour. So to spare y’all the worst of it I leave you 2 links… extrapolate at will.

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Weekly Basics

  • Check that backup systems are actually running. (more)
  • Update main computer(s), phone(s) and tablet(s). (more)
  • Clean out and reset wallet/purse/laptop bag/vehicle. (more)
  • Spend some time adding passwords to your password manager and updating flagged passwords. (more)
  • Wipe down your main devices, physically! (more)
  • What neglected inbox will you check today? (more)

This Week’s Focus:

Zone 01:  Connectivity

  • Any new ISP choices available to you? Hassled your elected officials lately about that? Have fun researching alternatives! (more)
  • If you’ve rolled your own VPN, update it. (more)
  • Reboot your router at the least, reset it if possible.  (more)
  • Double check firewall settings (more)
  • Update antivirus software (more)
  • Make sure HTTPs everywhere is fully enabled. (more)
  • If applicable, re-image sacrificial devices (more)
  • Spend a little time learning how the internet works. (more)


News and Updates

Where do you scan for news, include a politics update!


We are a community. You are a welcome part of it.


In the title image, click through to see the lovely animation “Evening light” by Osamu Taniguchi, @akisute0701



I make things that do stuff. The best, though, is teaching others to do the same. Founder of @crashspacela Alum of @ITP_NYU

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