On Cats and Typing: An Intersection of Machine Learning and Robotics

Guest speaker Elecia White will describe the twists and turns on the path to making a voice-controlled typing robot for her own education and amusement. She’ll show a slightly scary demo of the state-of-the-art machine learning platform then describe the applications of machine learning to robotics (and some of the steps necessary to do so). She will discuss the architecture of her system in its current and plans for the future. Finally, she will demonstrate control of a small, affordable robot arm.

Follow Elecia’s adventures in the worlds of machine learning and robotics.

Elecia White is the host of the Embedded.FM podcast, author of O’Reilly’s Making Embedded Systems, and founder of Logical Elegance, an embedded systems consulting company.

When: July 19th, 8pm
Where: Crashspace!
Cost: FREE
Other: There will be some sort of pastry or baked goods!

Edit: Here are the show notes. Thanks Elecia for the talk and thanks everyone for joining us at Crash!

Typing cats care of Giphy and does not represent any material expected in the talk.

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