One Thing To Do Today – Get that password manager already

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UPDATE: Wirecutter Review of Password Managers April 2017

Logins sit as the front door to online systems.  True, most systems have other vulnerabilities, but why make things easy for the casuals?

People still succumb to the ease of common passwords.  Unchanged default passwords gooey up the underbelly of networks in a way that anyone can poke.  That password emailed to you? Well, we’ve already covered how silly it is to think of email as super secret private.  Reusing that clever password neumontic or pattern works great until exactly one site gets p0wned.

As long as we’re using passwords, they’ve got to be long, random and unique. Password managers can have their vulnerabilities, but they’re better than the human brain at remembering random blurps of numbers and letters.   For a no-thought choice just go with LastPass the popular commercial product.  To get some help on how to distinguish between the many choices, these comparative reviews provide criteria to think about when deciding for yourself:

Password managers still need a password manager themselves, make it a safe one.


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