BYOBots v15.09

The first BYOBots Day happen this past weekend. We had about 20 people through the space over the course of the afternoon/evening. many bots were brought, shared, planned, and discussed. i learned a lot and i hope you will too.

stay tuned for the next installment featuring @risknc‘s carbon fiber plans.

byobot day
be3n posted this about byobot day


dark crystal skeksis eye requires an innovative design as to show the side of the eye without exposing the mechanics


@vexfx with his dark crystal skeksis wearable robot prototype on the power supply


the star of the show has many learns and we cannot wait to see it evolve.




be3n made a raspi time lapse movie maker that uploads and saves files to a thumbdrive


We talked about 3d printed robots a lot! this one, being printed by a guest, is particularly baddass and open source.    

@outlawpoet discusses snakes, snake robots, and why our joints and current robots suck. solution: build artificial muscle modules


phone controlled robot fights thanks to intel edison and a project i did for IDF 2015


intel edison robots are sweet. especial when they dance with wifi, ble, and xbees. tons of processing onboard makes for a simple command set.

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