Sand Blaster


What is that new red box in the back?

Steve cleaning rust off a part.

I LOVE this thing. Imagine you are lasering an entire sheet of something. the cutting is generally pretty quick compared to the etching time. A full 12″x24″ sheet can take up to an hour to etch. Cutting a stencil can be very quick. and sandblasting your pattern in is a snap.

– The compressor is loud. Wear ear protection if you are in a room with it.
– Avoid sandblasting the gloves or the viewing window.
– Be smart.

– 0 plan your project. get help. ask.
– 1 turn on the compressor
– 2 put your project in the sandblasting box
– 3 ensure the sand feeding hose is down in the sand… duh.
– 4 close the box
– 5 pull the trigger

Things you can do:
– remove rust
– give nice surface treatments to metal, glass, wood, plastic
– etch things for edge lighting
– stencil
– make two-way mirrors from one-way mirrored acrylic

Check it out


And, yes. The lathe works.


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