Ever wonder what you’re breathing?  Well wonder no more!

Project Safecast, a radiation monitoring and mapping project with which CRASH Space has been involved with since shortly after the Fukushima meltdown, is now expanding to include other environmental data besides geotagged radiation readings.  Our first new set of metrics will be various measures of air quality, and as of Friday 6 July we now have our first working air quality sensor:

Safecast Air 001
The first Safecast Air monitor.

This monitor currently records and uploads the level of particulate matter, of particle diameter 1 micron or greater, with a GPS stamp every minute.  The prototype photo, from left to right: Shinyei particulate matter sensor, nGeigie board to log data, and GPS receiver.  The next steps involve the addition of gas sensors so we’ll be able to monitor gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, etc.

Steven Wright and Levi Simons
Steven Wright and Levi Simons with Safecast Air 1

Props to Steven Wright (Right on photo)

CRASH Space member Levi Simons (Left on photo)


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