Electronic Sparklify – CRAFTERNOON – 2011-Dec-11


who: @lbruning and YOU !!!

You. Yes you. You are sweet. Our gift is one of learning and a bit fun. Ok… a lot of fun!
Bring your friends.
Bring your parents.
Bring your kids.

when: 2p-6p Sunday, December 11, 2011

first come first serve.
while supplies last. @lbruning is bringing some seriously killer special crash edition supplies.
mark your calendars, so you don’t miss out (gcal).

how much: freeeeeee

what?!? free?!?! why not?
All materials and the space are being donated.
you can donate too. donations are sweet. we need em badly.
xtra kits are cheap. we’ll have some super sparkle kits available for sale.

where: crashspace (gmaps)

10526 Venice Blvd, Culver City CA 90232

what: Electronic Sparklify ETextiles

Test 2 LED on

more details are here:








What is it anyhow? Cecily said it best on the crash list

“It can be a nice time to hang out, make crafty stuff, and discuss
making more crafty stuff. Don’t be afraid of the “softer” side of
making. Craft projects usually don’t bite, they just poke, tangle,
glue your fingers together, cover you in glitter…”









craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash


Lynne Bruning : twitter : facebook

Textile enchantress, weaver of gossamer threads, Lynne Bruning is the creatrix of exclusive wearable art, eTextiles and decorative fabrics. Fusing together her education in neurophysiology at Smith College, a Masters degree in architecture and a lifetime of sewing Lynne jets thru the universe creatively cross-pollinating the worlds of science, textiles and fashion with her innovative award winning designs. The rest of the time, she can be found lounging on black sand beaches in a tangerine bikini surfing the Internet. Lynne Bruning has driven the collaborative nature of eTextile projects by sharing on Instructables and publishing numerous tutorials on everything from weaving conductive clothing to a wearable ‘cane’ for the blind. In 2010 she produced Wearable Computing Fashion Shows in San Francisco, New York, and Black Rock City.

TuTu Original with Aniomagic schemer and light boards





CRASHSpace is entirely membership/donation funded and relies on your support to keep the doors open. Donations are welcomed, helpful, and necessary. thx!

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