Radio Mondays: what’s coming

Hi folks,

Unfortunately I’ve been a bit rushed getting the next classes together, so we’re having a push week. Another project day tonight, so I can finally get the Morse Appliance working, finish my slides, and otherwise get shit together. I apologise, but the amount of time I can give crashspace has been steeply curtailed recently by family events. Happily this is a passing thing, and you’re getting a rock block of four excellent nights starting next week.


Monday, August 8th: The Morse Appliance, the triumphant live debut of our radio project to bring morse back. Also my report from the Long Beach Amateur Radio Club meeting.


Monday, August 15th: Basic Electronics, a night to learn how to solder, how to read a diagram, how to fix broken things, and a little of the theory behind it all. For old hands, you can help out the n00b solderers, or work on one of our advanced projects to test yourself further.


Monday August 22nd: Basic Radio, how does this wireless magic work at all? Some of the physics behind it, a review of the modern radio types and equipment, the political landscape, what we as amateurs can get up to. A good review, plus the debut of the CrashShack, a hopefully organized collection of radio equipment YOU as a member can use.


Monday August 29th: Ham Basics, anybody can get an Technician amateur radio license, and I hope everybody will. Here’s a night for what the licensing requirements are, studying the basics, and getting materials to study further, and info on where to go. For more advanced folks, we now have materials for the General class as well.

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