Countdown To Maker Faire!

Maker Faire is this weekend (May 21-22) and CRASHspace is going to be there!

Tod is selling ThingM goodies in the Maker Shed (Redwood Hall).  James will be showing his Interactive Wii Whiteboard in Fiesta Hall.

And CRASHspace has it’s own booth in the Fiesta Hall Hackerspace Area, along with Noisebridge, Spacebridge, HeatSync Labs, Hacker Dojo, and Ace Monster Toys.  We will be doing a bunch of cool stuff:

  • Showing off Table Front Music, the new and improved re-engineered (by Carlyn) mini version of Store Front Music we built for the VIMBY project.
  • Selling Daryll’s Digital Dominos, and teaching people to solder them.
  • Taking pictures and sticking creepy semi-transparent holographic stickers on the pictures.

If you’re attending Maker Faire, come see us!  Build a domino!  Play a musical instrument by walking in front of a table!  Use more exclamation points!

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