Class: Crafty latex-based Magstripe imprinting process



The Xray Coin Purse incorporates an imprint of a credit card, in which sensitive ingredients have captured an image of the magstripe. In this class, you’ll learn the unique printing technique behind the Xray. We’ll peer into a language designed to communicate solely with machines and defy human insight.

Come along, and bring your appetite for reading binary code, your willingness to do a little messy arts & crafts, and a data card with a magstripe! Credit cards work best, because we have the ANSI/ISO specs for the data layout (and also because they will make you feel a tad bit devious). Driver’s licenses and hotel keys work too.

Stick around at the end for tips on how to work with liquid latex, including how to make and sew thin sheets for use in clothing and accessory design.

When: Thursday, May 5 2011 (Cinco de Mayo. Chips and salsa gratis.) 8pm – 10pm @ Crashspace

RSVP: Class size is limited by space, so please email to reserve a spot.

Suggested donation to crashspace: $12

About Ferrofabric: What is the shape of a magnetic field? They may be invisible, but they cause visible effects. Ferrofabric aims to use magnetic fields as an element in surface design. So far, the most interesting shapes have come from scripted magnetic stripes. This and other techniques have been demonstrated at the London Anti-Design Festival, the Science Museum Festival of Innovation, the MIT Media Lab, and will be at the Subtle Technologies Festival in June.

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