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Michelle posted on FB today that we all should write more, it gives us more clarity of thought. Here is a blog about what has been going on at the space so I can type things and feel good about myself.
My projects are moving ahead slowly. Problem with trying to do 5 major things is that you can only grind on one or two at a time. Right now I am focusing on four primaries:
1. Trunnion table for mill
This is coming together. I had a bad moment at the machine shop yesterday, my riser blocks had some taper in em so I will have to flat mill them shorter than I wanted. Here is a photo of the table and some other stuff I have been making here:

Various parts I have made at CRASH

Thanks B for the photo support
2. Thrust mount for home depot engine
Why has this taken me forever?

The only thing keeping me from firing off a real rocket is making these damn thrust mounts. I keep not finishing though. I think I need to finish by a set date in order to progress beyond this case of engineers block. Mark and Molly helped me redesign the part at Spaceup, all I have to do is cad,cam,machine and weld.

3. Keyence GT2 backhack
Tom Diglan helped me parse the output of a very fancy sensor. I am trying to avoid spending tons of money on decoder modules. Next step on this project is to try to emulate the decoder using some kinda microcontroller.
I don't want to pay for the fancy display and decoder
4. PintleSpike design
The pintlespike is an engine design I came up with over pho in dark December. I was all alone and very emo, but I came up with a way to.. maybe, overcome the structural and cooling problems inherit in an aerospike design. They are still not worth building but I am having fun.
Fun fact: used Houdini (Touch Designer’s disappointed father) to do engineering mathematics. Yay for using hollywood magic to solve rocket problems.

and a few secondaries

1. Big ass laser cutter retrofit
soo I got some CNC controls in the mail a few days ago, and got to playing with em.

The photo shows a linear slide with a pittmann servo on it (Tom’s lending it to the space for test purposes), a power supply, and a geckodrive. the gecko is wired into the motor, the motor encoder, the lab signal gen, and a few other things.

I have been playing with these geckodrive 320x units for servo drives.. and I am not super happy. Tuning them correctly is rendered impossible by the lack of documentation as to where the test point is for the scope probe blah blah.

quick CNC lesson: Servos are normal DC motors with a magic bit called an Encoder on them. The encoder is a little bit of optoelectronics that reports the rotation of the spindle, in this case, 500 times per rev. This servo drive therefor could be accurate to 1/250th of a rev, as it bounces between two clicks to keep position. PID loops ftw.

I have determined that servos are annoying to work with on small machines and will be going stepper on ED-209

What does this have to do with the laser? I want to get a 1 axis servo CNC machine running with this setup, then transfer it to the laser cutter, which uses almost identical servos. that way our x-y table is alive again.

2. Signs and graphic design
I really want to bump up the image of crashspace. any graphic designers wanna lend a hand?

3. ED-209 CNC lathe scratch build
ED-209 is sitting on shelf waiting for me to pony up the cash for a spindle.
I am gonna go stepper control on it and have live tooling

Some other news:
Mirada (Del Toro’s studo) has donated a metric fuckton of render nodes to the space. currently at a buddies house. I will snag as many as we can fit in the rack. Also an xserv and xserv raid.

Steve has built what can only be called awesome: a beanie baby cannon. we shot all the way from the front room to the back of the shed with it. The baby somehow survived.

Kevin had a class on MAX MSP which sounded like some kind of dubstep ghost tour. Which means it went well, I think

Naim was hacking some arduino things together today.

Radio monday had radar day. Next monday: Xbee!

Wayne (new member) is talking about doing sunday BBQs. I am loving this idea. I know we got crafternoon but it is not exactly a competitive thing. rather a synergistic thing.

Paul Breed’s email is down. I might see him tomorrow in Mojave.

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