Bleep Labs Bit Blob Jr. Kit Build Night

February is music month at CRASH Space, with Handmade Music 2, so we need a music-related kit build night.

Come join us on Thursday, February 10th at 8 pm, when we will be building the Bleep Labs Bit Blob Jr., a fun noise toy built for circuit bending.

Bit Blob Jr.

It’s a kit version of the Bit Blob 2, designed by The Loud Objects and Dr. Bleep. It comes with an audio jack and a whole bunch of crazy noises. Use the included alligator clips to connect the circuit bending pads to get even more sonic craziness.

Here’s a sample in action:

Don’t know how to solder? No problem – we’ll teach you. We have soldering irons as well, or you can bring your own if you’re picky.

Cost is $64. Members get 10% off ($57.60), and super user members get a 25% discount ($48). Check discount codes on the member wiki before signing up.

Sign up at the CRASH Space store.

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