MakerBot Party!

The MakerBot 101 Workshop members-only alpha test went very well.  These will be regular workshops, and the fist one is scheduled for Thursday, October 28th.

Today we had a MakerBot Party!  We got a box of goodies for the New Blankets Cupcakes, Long Beach Boy and Mighty Mo.  The goodies include two Mk5 Plastruders, a Heated Build Platform, and an Automated Build Platform, plus a couple LED strips.  Lance and Mike helped build the Mk5s today. They turned out pretty good:

Mk5 Plastruders

I also tested a new power supply to replace CRASH Bot’s burned out supply and Mighty Mo’s underpowered supply.

There’s still plenty to do, so if you missed out on today, we’ll be scheduling another work day soon.

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