MEGA TAKE APART, this saturday.

Time for another day of going through all the cool stuff at crashspace, processing it for parts and uses, and disposing of things we can’t use safely.

E-waste (like computer parts, electronics, and other mixed items) can’t just be thrown away, they need to be sorted so it can be recycled or trashed safely. So if you’ve got stuff, you can bring it by.

We’ll be specifically accepting donations and processing stuff from 12 to 2pm, and letting members come by to pick at the sorted items for what they might like 2 to 4.

From 4 pm onwards we’re going to make executive decisions and throw away anything unclaimed we don’t think is useful, and break apart anything else we like for parts, so if you think you might like to pick up some stuff, or you’ve had your eye on something in the processing heap, get here before then.

All times are approximate, items may or may not work, nonmembers can play but must defer to members, etc.

For those who can’t make decisions, I’ll be there from 12pm until very late, so stop by anyway, I’m sure we can work out something.

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