Music Hack Day — May 15, 2010

CrashSpace is having our first Music Hack Day on Saturday, May 15, 2010!

The Music Hack Day is part of a larger event stream of Make-Ins that we’re hosting on Saturdays.  The concept is simple: bring in your projects, and work on them!

The distinction of the Music Hack Day amidst the Make-Ins is just that we’re going to be officially more music themed.  Bring in any musical projects — hardware, software, or acousticware (though I don’t think we have many tools a luthier would find useful), and have fun working on them amidst like-minded individuals.

Check the events calendar for specific times, but most Make Ins start at noon.  Music Hack Day officially goes from noon to 6pm, but may continue unofficially until half-past beer o’clock.

Make In events are free for members.  Donations from non-members are appreciated.

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