Armageddon Bag Wrap-Up

Last week we had the first draft of an Armageddon Bag workshop at the space. By “Armageddon bag” I really meant what is more commonly referred to as a Bug Out Bag but that just sounds dumb. The idea is, assume something happens (fire, earthquake, toxic explosion, economic collapse, etc) that causes you to have to leave your house with little or no warning. You don’t have time to go pack a suitcase, you don’t know when you will be coming back, you just have to get the hell out now. We’ll also assume you won’t be wandering the streets forever, but for anywhere between 1-3 days you’ll either be in transit to a safer location, or waiting it out until you can get back into your house. So this bag would be something that was pre-packed and ready to go that you could just grab as you ran out the door. So what would you put in it?

At the workshop I showed a few slides setting up the situation and then pulled out my own bag, taking it apart and talking about each item choice. We had about 7 people in attendance who all had lots of questions, suggestions and insight. I’m going to refine it a bit and then do it again in a month or two, perhaps as part of a larger series on preparedness. The night was lots of fun, thanks to all who came out.

Photo to the right taken by Tonx and has a ton of notes detailing a lot of the bag contents. Click it to see a larger, more info packed version.

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