Found @ CRASH Space No. 4: Pager Motors as Insects

Pager motors are small motors with a lopsided weight on the end that were developed to shake pagers (link provided for those born in or after the ’90s). They now shake phones, electric razors, toothbrushes, etc.  The particular pager motor for this project was another scrapped-off-the-floor find. Most likely it fell onto floor and hid under the couch during a Mega-Take-Apart excited to be free from a toothbrush.  I made a moth with it.

Which one is alive?

Which one is alive?

The most common quick projects to make with pager motors are vibration robots. That is mostly what you’ll find when searching for pager motor.  The most complete full scale project with etched circuit board and rechargeable batter was the PingBot. It is a great tutorial. Read it and learn.  I also really enjoyed the Tomato Pollinator and Seed Spreader too since they were practical tools instead of just more clutter.  The Instructables most useful to me for making the moth were the Solar Cockroach and the Vibroclip.  If you want to make a tiny car or RC copter, David Cook of Robot Room has written an excellent tutorial on how to remove the the weight.

More pictures and videos of the moth project process are on Flickr.

Moth 1 Facing Camera


What I learned

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