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Handmade Music L.A. 3.0 Poster

Saturday, May 12th at 8 PM we’re doing another Handmade Music L.A.!

Handmade music is all about people making music with hand-made instruments (hardware or software).  We will have performances with monomes, and Pd patches, and chess boards.  And demonstrations of instruments people have made and that you can make yourself.

We’ll be getting started at 8 PM and running until late at CRASH Space, 10526 Venice Blvd., Culver City 90232.

Open to everyone, a $5 donation to CRASH Space is recommended.

If you’re interested in performing or demonstrating something musical that you’ve built (instruments, circuit bent toys, Pd/Max/MSP patches), e-mail theron.trowbridge@gmail.com with a description of what you do, pictures/videos, etc. and whether it’s more of a science fair project or a performance piece.

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  1. May 4th, 2012

    @ 6:11 am

    Pernickety Plinkton posted:

    Be cool if you had a youtube channel or summat? For peeps not able to make it (UK).

  2. May 4th, 2012

    @ 7:09 am

    theron posted:

    We have a Ustream channel – http://www.ustream.tv/channel/crash-space-live. Maybe we can use that. Let me look into it.

  3. May 6th, 2012

    @ 11:21 pm

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  4. May 7th, 2012

    @ 3:35 pm

    Pernickety Plinkton posted:


  5. May 10th, 2012

    @ 2:05 am

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  6. May 10th, 2012

    @ 2:21 am

    […] May 12 at 8 PM – Handmade Music – not *exactly* a Pure Data event, but there will be Pure Data […]

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