So you want to write a post for the CRASH Space blog. Yay! Now what to write? What category to put it in? What tags do people use? Whats the best way to include images, videos and other media?


Tags can be used refine within categories, but they also provide some category insight on two other axis: what mission related subject matter it includes and level of expertise. Please include whatever tags you like, but try to include at least one from each of these categories.

  • Mission Subject Matter Tags: science, programming, electronics, building, crafting, arts, data, civics
  • Prerequisite Expertise Subject Tags:  getting started, beginner, intermediate, advanced

Including Media

Featured image must be an upload, this is the youtube short tag


News and Updates

News and Updates means specifically News and Updates about CRASH Space.  Did something change about the facilities? Did we go on field trip? Did the by-laws change? Was CRASH Space or one of our members in the news? That type of information goes here.  If there is relevant news & updates not explicitly CRASH Space related, it should probably end up in “Around the Web” or “Around Town”

Events vs Around Town


Projects vs HowTos

Any given project built by a member could have a post in one or both of these categories. Project posts should be a less than <750 word quick dirty.  In addition or alternatively a member might want to write up a full HowTo (tutorial) on how someone else could reconstruct their project on the CRASH Space site.

Project posts: A picture/screen grab and a sentence about what it is of something you’ve made. That’s it. That’s all you HAVE to post. Any tutorials you’ve written up yourself on instructables, hackaday.io, on your personal site or even separately here can be linked to in your initial post or later. Don’t wait! We can always bump the date if you want the updated project post to reappear on the front after updating.

More Info on Project Posts

HowTo’s: These are heavily illustrated, detailed write ups or videos. Someone should be able to follow along with the narrative of how you created a project or learn how you used a tool to complete some aspect of a project, etc.

More Info on HowTo Posts

Resources vs Around the Web

Regular sources of information or materials that help CRASH Member projects get closer to built belong under resources.  Around the Web can be whatever STEAM/Civic Engagement tidbit that you think will be relevant to the extended CRASH Community.

More Info on Resources Posts | More Info on Around the Web Posts