Resources Templates

Resource categories are based on barriers to access. Do you have to go somewhere, pay money, travel, etc.

 Local Resource

Local Resources exist within a 3 hour drive of CRASH Space and persist over time, think an art gallery, but not an art show at that gallery.

  • example tags: local, vendor, service, event series, meetup group, course
  • example location tags: San Gabriel Valley, Culver City, DTLA, East LA
  • NOT: an event, pop-up store, show. If there are datetimes and its not taking place at CRASH Space, the post belongs in the Around Town category.

Example Template

Free Online Resources

Free Online Resources are websites that provide a substantial amount of content with no fee. The site can charge money in an associated store or be a service provider as their primary business, but if they have a substantial section of their website dedicated to teaching folks how to build stuff that can be highlighted here.

  • example tags:  free online course, podcast, YouTube channel, reference site, tutorial site, documentary, video series
  • NOT: a hilarious gif, video or single useful article or channel. Put in “Around the Web.”

Get it Now

Things that cost money. Vendors, service providers, books, tools

  • example tags:
  • A magazine that has limited content on website / not behind paywall

Time Away

  • example tags: festival, residency, conference, uncoference
  • NOT: The first year the conference has ever happened, especially before it has happened. Go ahead and post that in “Around the Web” if it isn’t local. Give a good hard think before posting conferences that never posts any of their proceedings online.