Video Dim Sum 38: Dada is a precursor

Why do I see so many people crying while eating Funyuns?
Many snack foods are aspirational. Funyuns are in a rarer category of thwarted aspirations masquerading as snack food.

How’s this going to work?
Easy, just email me ( any Youtube video under 5 minutes by the end of Friday November 3rd and I’ll add it to the VideoDimSum playlist. Try to make sure it’s not one of the videos we’ve posted before. You want to be unique right?

6:30pm Saturday November 4th.

CRASH Space: 10526 Venice Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232.  Apparently thousands of people walk by, look inside, and sadly keep going.  Don’t be one of those people.

Will there be food?
We’ll be ordering some deep dish pizzas from Masa. Probably some desserts too. I can’t promise that the desserts will be deep dish though.

Wow, deep dish pizza?
Like the deep state, deep dish pizza always delivers.

Rules?  Rules.

1. No side convos.

MST3K style comments about the on-screen content are fine, but if you wanna have a kiki we have side rooms for that. 

2. No time hogging. 

If you submit several videos that are too similar in content the co-hosts, Rachel and Levi, have the authority to bump your video(s) to the next set or veto altogether. 

3. Limit videos with strobing lights.

Let’s try to be more mindful of our light sensitive friends so we don’t make them miserable. 

We’re stoked to see so much enthusiasm about this event. Let’s keep it fun and enjoyable for everyone!


The Management

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