Project GONet: Community science and light pollution

Interested in learning more about a community science project to help monitor and study light pollution? Want to get involved?

Join the CRASH community to learn more about the GONet (Ground Observation Network) project.

When: Saturday January 30th, 3-4pm

Where: Online at

From the speaker, Ken Walczak:

I live in Chicago – one of the most light polluted places in the US. One of my passions is understanding how we as a species have transformed half of the natural world (our world after sunset) by illuminating it at night. A few nights ago we got a now rarer snow fall and had a typical overcast night. I measured the brightness of our night sky. It was over 3000x brighter than the natural environment! What does this mean to you, to all of us? How does this alter our world that has existed unaltered for billions of years until our last century? 

Working with hackers, volunteers, students and astronomers we’ve developed a citizen science device to try and provide a clearer picture of how artificial light impacts our world at night. It’s call GONet – the Ground Observation Network camera. And we could use your help making it better, shared and more important. 

Delight the Night

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