Late Night with Hackerboxes

Don’t have plans Friday night? Want to show your s.o. what hacking is about? Or just want to play with random new technologies and learn something fun?

This is a semi-structured exploration of a new topic each week using components and tutorials provided by Hackerboxes.

When: Every Friday, May 10 – 31, 2019 9:00 PM
Where: Crashspace
Prerequisites: Curiosity and willingness to try new things

May 10: #0035 Electrochemisty.
Includes: breathalyzer, water quality tester, air pollution sensor and more.

CANCELED: May 17: #0033 Toys of Summer
Learn and play with Python on a ready-made microcontroller with an embedded MicroPython O/S. Also: fun with self-flashing LEDs!
Sorry folks, I didn’t get any RSVPs for this one so I’m going to reschedule it at a later date.

May 24: #0034 SubGHz Radio
Explore radio communications in the sub-GHz range, including software defined radio (SDR)!
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May 31: #0036 Jumbotron
Program a 64×32 full-color LED display (the same kind used in making real jumbotrons) using an ESP32 single-chip computer with integrated wifi and Bluetooth.
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Take home a Hackerbox: $42.
Play around with a Hackerbox: members: free, non-members: $10

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