Intro to Intellectual Property Topics for Independent Inventors & Entrepreneur – Presented by Susan L. McCain, Esq


About the Intellectual Property (IP) Event Series

CRASH Space is holding a series of events about current Intellectual Property (IP) topics, with a focused on application to indepedent inventors and entrepreneurs within the Los Angeles area.

Our goal is to engage and educate indepedent inventors and entrepreneurs by having leading industry experts speak about current & relevant topics within the Intellectual Property (IP) field. We plan to include time for Q&A at the end of each event.

About this Event

Introduction to Intellectual Property / IP 101 for Independent Inventors and Entrepreneurs – Presented by Susan L. McCain of Hankin Patent Law

IMPORTANT NOTE: This event requires registration via RSVP on Eventbrite:

This is our very first event in the Intellectual Property (IP) series!

It will be held on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 from 7 – 9 pm PST @crashspacela

About the Presenter

Susan L. McCain, Esq. of Hankin Patent Law

With 20+ years of international experience within the biotechnology, chemical, medical, software, printing, and wireless device industries Sue brings her large firm experience to Hankin Patent Law, APC and is eager to provide the attentive and personalized service our clients expect.  Her areas of expertise include intellectual property counseling, protection, and portfolio management, competitive analyses, IP-based due diligence, R&D advisor, licensing arrangements, and building value in IP assets.

Susan L. McCain

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is (or is seriously considering becoming) an Independent Inventor and/or Entrepreneur within the Los Angeles area.

The DIY “makers”, the garage tinkerers’, and anyone who has wondered what it would take to turn the crazy idea(s) in their head into a new business. Formal definitions are suggested below for further clarification:

  • Weick & Marin (2006) defines an independent inventor as an individual who creates outside the context of a company, university or government institutions. Lettl, Rost, & Von Wartberg (2009) adds they are usually without connection to universities, who do not have access to incubators or science parks, who’s inventive activity is conducted separately from an established firm, and who does not have an obligation to invent.
  • An entrepreneur generally defined as an individual who recognizes and actively exploits opportunities on the market (Johannsson, 1988). A person naturally can be both an entrepreneur and an inventor at the same time (Smeilus, 2015).

About Author

L15A is a contributing author, data analyst and front end developer at a Medical Research Foundation. She has ~ 9 years of experience working in biotech on strategic businesses initiatives and in the Program Management Office, facilitating the development & commercialization of novel biologic drug & electromechanical medical device combination products. Lisa holds a MBA degree and is a Six Sigma greenbelt.

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