Crashspace Builds the (Second) Prettiest Blanket Fort in All the Land

Last night, the Echo Country Output and the International Adventure Club hosted Los Angeles’ first BLANKET FORT BUILDING COMPETITION!

Crashspace was one of three teams to compete, alongside The L.A. Fort and Echo Country Outpost.
Team Crashspace (under the blanket fort-building moniker: Snug Life) was made up of: Brian Higgins, Matt Pinner, Michael Clive, Michelle Leonhart, Rachel Koukal, and Sarah Warner. Our fort had a cloudy, dream-like motif, featuring lots of white fluff, DIY inflatable balloon chairs, tons of LEDs and glow-in-the-dark decor, and marshmallows.

As participants explored the different forts and prepared to vote on their favourites, we were all treated to musical performances by Natalie Nicoles of Branches, Kyle Neal of The Far Country, Jake Salley, Max and the Moon, and Robert DeLong.


In the end we lost to The L.A. Fort, who proved to have fort building prowess beyond compare. But we all had a blast, and you can see tons of photos of our fort and the building process here. (We hear there may be awesome professional photos coming soon, too! We’ll keep you posted.)


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