Intro to Programming: Sketching with Processing

When: Thursday, March 28th, 8pm – 11pm
Where: Crashspace
Who: Open to the Public
How Much: $80
RSVP REQUIRED: Eventbrite - Intro to Programming: Sketching with Processing

This course is an introduction to computer science, and requires no prior programming experience.  Students will learn the basics of programming by creating visual art and animations via the openSource Processing programming language.

Processing is a great language for beginners, providing instant gratification for each line of code written.  It is also what is referred to as a “superset” of the popular programming language Java, meaning that the skills you learn will be directly applicable to a variety of other programming languages which are currently being used on the market today.


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Because this introductory course has been designed for anyone with little or no software background, you need only bring:

  • A curious mind
  • A laptop w any OS (ideally, since this is a totally hands on workshop. Come w/o a laptop and we’ll try to stir one up.)
  • A download of the free Processing at this link  (Please install this ahead of time so we can use our time learning and not installing!)

If you have ideas of visual art you want to create with code, feel free to bring them and we’ll be happy to discuss ways to approach them if they don’t become apparent during the workshop. If you don’t have any idea of what you would do with Processing, Awesome! Bring your open mind and the skills you learn will lead to new ideas by the time you leave.  Aside from your ideas, we’ll also cover everything in the context of a simple mirror application with some very cool effects. You’ll also learn how to read in video images, analyze the frames, and redraw them anyway you please. 🙂

Donations are welcomed as CRASHSpace is entirely membership/donation funded and relies on your support to keep the doors open.

RSVP REQUIRED: Eventbrite - Intro to Programming: Sketching with Processing
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