MEGA TAKE APART: Saturday 1/12 12:00 pm – 4:30pm

It is once again the hallowed time! This Saturday we will accept any and all donations of materials, equipment, broken electronics, old bits and bobs.

Remember, most electronics cannot simply be thrown away, they contain heavy metals, toxins, and mixed plastics, and must be dealt with by people with the tools and technology to do so, so our landfills don’t leak awful things into the groundwater.

The city of LA has an eWaste program, you can drive your stuff to locations you can find on their website. But failing that, you can bring it to crashspace!

On MegaTakeApart days, we accept donations of anything and everything. Tools and materials we can use, broken or old things we can repair, those items worse off still can be a source of spare parts, components, and materials. What left over we transport to recyclers and/or dispose of safely.

MegaTakeApart has also become a social time, since there’s always people there, and there’s a crew of members and visitors all through the afternoon with no particular focus other than screwdrivering the incoming donations, so if you’ve wanted to check out crashspace in a relaxed setting, you should stop by. And bring an old printer/crt/unused soldering iron/dead robot/vacuum chamber/broken rc plane/leaky batteries. We can use/fix/disassemble/recycle it!

(and yes we’ve gotten all those things and more as donations, you wouldn’t believe how much unused stuff is sitting out there in garages and closets. Bring it out! Donate it and see it used in our next crashspace project!)

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