Final Ephemerisle Planning Session: May 24th 8pm

The Final Countdown! It’s a month from the event, and all plans are coming together(hopefully). There’s still time to jump in, start your own art project, plan a trip.

If a temporary island full of futurists, dreamers, and joy sounds like your thing, stop by our last planning session to see how. Join the discussion on the Facebook group or mailing list.

Crashspace members and friends are working on many projects, floating jellyfish, pirate themed vessels, microtalks, bringing sailboats, and much more.

Two projects you may be particularly interested in is The Sleeper Service, a platform construction project to give people without a boat a place to sleep and keep their stuff simply and cheaply, and a prototype barge, which will provide freight service and infrastructure(renewable electricity, tools, workspace on the water).

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