Two College of Lockpicking Events incoming!

This Saturday and next Wednesday there are workshops from the College of Lockpicking.

Come and learn the noble art of opening things that you don’t have the key for.  Locksport is a seminal part of hacker culture, and a great skill to have.

Remember, you need lockpicks to participate, so select an option that includes them if you aren’t bringing your own.

To attend the workshop on Saturday April 7th at 3pm, go here:

To attend the workshop on Wednesday April 11th at 7pm, go here:

College of Lockpicking is a hands-on workshop that includes approximately an hour of instructor-led lecture and an hour of participant-led workshop, including the history and development of pin-tumbler locks, a full breakdown of how a pin-tumbler lock works, introduction and tutorial with the pick tools, and a slew of videos on bump keys, destructive entry methods, decoders, Medeco picking, electronic locks, and more.

Everyone opens a lock at College of Lockpicking!

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