New Ham Night

One of the reasons I joined CrashSpace was to find people who could help me put my ham radio license to use. As luck would have it, during my 2nd meeting I sat next to Jim, KJ6NJJ, and we conspired to talk via a local repeater. We’ve been meeting regularly on Thursdays for a few months now, and other new hams from Crash Space and the LA area occasionally join us. We’re still learning the ropes ourselves, but if you are a new (probably thanks to Justin’s Radio Mondays!) or rusty ham looking for someone to talk to, please consider joining us Thursday at 9pm. Unless it’s being used, we’ll be on the Baldwin Hills repeater at 146.925, PL 114.8. The only requirement is that you have a current amateur radio license.

We typically have an informal discussion about ham radio or our Crash Space projects, but the point is to learn good operating procedure (e.g ) from each other and get comfortable being on the air. Of course, any would-be Elmers are welcome, too!

Feel free to email me ahead of time if you have questions about what to do or how repeaters work.

-chris KB6OMI

PS, if the frequency is in use at 9pm, we’ll try again at 9:30. If you want to join but can’t reach the repeater, let me know and we can investigate other options.

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