Show and Tell for Make Magazine

a few Make Night presenters

Make Magazine is the ultimate printed resource for folks looking for Do-It-Yourself projects that generally involve electronics, crafts, and hands-on science. So when Editor in Chief Mark Frauenfelder suggested the idea of having a night where Crash Space would host a Show and Tell of projects people have been working on -AND- the presenters could score a paid gig writing about the project for Make, we jumped at the chance!

Friday night, we had a dozen projects to show off and Crash Space members presented them in a fun discussion format guided along by a 10 minute timer. Mark found all of them to be possible candidates for various sections of the magazine. A feature article, full DIY write-ups, one-page overviews, projects in three steps, and a potential new section entitled “ReMake” were all exciting possibilities.

List of Projects!
– Clever Furniture Repair via Michelle
– Dazzling Laser Light Show via Chris
– Internetable Robotic Heartbeat via Theron
– DECO Cosmic Ray Detectors via Levi
– Safecast GPS Geiger Counters via Mike
– Wii Interactive Whiteboard via James
– Arduino iPad Emulation via Russell
– Sparkles the Unicorn via Matt
– Timelapse Video Mount via Matt
– Daryll’s Digital Dominos via Mike
– Store Front Music via All
– Physics Defying Waterfall via Naim

The night was an awesome example of the diversity and creativity people have in devoting their time and energy to a project. We explored a side of invention that includes the practical, the instructional, the important, the ground-breaking, and just plain cool. I hope to see these projects covered in future issues of Make. But more than that, I am excited to see how others discover,  build, and expand on these projects and go on to make their own.

Laser Light Show Arduino iPad Interface

The next Pitch Make Night is expected in about a month. Let us know if you have a project YOU would like to show and tell!


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