Safecast Hackathon

If you’ve been to some of our meetings lately, you may have heard about a little project that some of us are working on called Safecast, a non-profit that is taking a bunch of GPS-referenced radiation measurements and throwing them up on Google Maps.

This weekend, starting on Saturday at 5pm, CRASH and Safecast are hosting a 24 hour hackathon to rally up some LA volunteers and do Cool Things™ with the internets.  The focus will primarily be on all of the web-related things that it takes to make Safecast happen: database design, data visualization, user experience, and any interesting ways of interacting with the data that you can think of.  Right now the database has over 600,000 measurements, and it’s going to grow substantially in the next year.

This is a great opportunity to experience new technologies and big, real-world databases while helping out a group who’s mission is to empower people with accurate, open data to make their own decisions.

All levels are welcome.  Coffee, some food, and cat gifs will be provided to keep us going through the night.  Please RSVP to so we can get a headcount for the event.

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