Disaster Readiness Meetup

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This Monday, September 19th we’re talking about disasters and how you’ll deal with them. There are many strategies and local resources. Knowledge and preparedness are key to your continued survival once the earthquakes and zombies strike, but together we can help a lot more folks.

Last year we had the first draft of an Armageddon Bag workshop at the space. An “Armageddon bag” or Bug Out Bag is something that is pre-packed and ready to go so that you can just grab it as you run out the door. What would you put in it?

Luckily you are not alone in the event of some disaster and with more of us prepared we create a safer environment for all. The fire department runs training programs and maintains local caches of supplies for emergencies. Amateur radio operators operate networks for the transmission of messages, find people, and to help coordinate emergency workers.

Where: CRASHSpace
When: 8p
Streamed: yes!
Bring: your ideas, your bug out bags, and your links!

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