This Sunday (March 13th at 2p-dark). I’ll be hosting a CRAFTERNOON. The last was a great success so we’re bringing it back. I’ve got a huge pile of craftiness that needs doing and I’m long over do to have a relaxing/making Sunday at the CRASHSpace (CRAFTspace). Donations are welcome. Chocolate is required.



all crafts are welcome!!! bring your own craft, construction, or deconstruction project to share. Teach us something new. Bring ideas for future CRAFTERNOONs. I’m hoping this becomes more regular. At least once a month would be nice, so this may become a bit of a planning meeting if there is interest and a quorum.


I’ll bring stuffs to make your own cosplay ears. I’m working on a few replacements so it should be easy enough. I’ll teach ya how to sew if you haven’t. We’ll animate a few pairs of ears if you fancy that. Some lovely volunteer with latex skills might be down to explain a thing or two about the process. that could help with your next set of sweet elvish ears.


This week magnets made a comeback and were blowing some minds. We started with an amazing and in depth Radio Mondays coverage. I was inspired to dust off enough of my magnet sensing POV spokes to replace the halleffect sensors and start a light show on my commutes. We had some showing and telling a couple really great magnet crafts during the public meeting. I’ll bring some magnetic sheets for laser cutting or general play to continue the fun.

switch sewn into conductive ribbonlily

CRAFTERNOON?!? What is it anyhow? Cecily said it best on the crash list

“It can be a nice time to hang out, make crafty stuff, and discuss
making more crafty stuff. Don’t be afraid of the “softer” side of
making. Craft projects usually don’t bite, they just poke, tangle,
glue your fingers together, cover you in glitter…”

craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash

This Sunday (March 13th at 2p-dark). Donations are welcomed, optional, helpful, and necessary as CRASHSpace is entirely membership/donation funded and relies on your support of visitors to keep the doors open.

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