Call for Artists: Handmade Music LA, June 25

Photo of Monome, Arduinome and Stribe
Photo by Jon Sykes

On Friday, June 25, CrashSpace will be hosting Los Angeles’ first ever (as far as we know) Handmade Music event.   Described by Peter Kirn (CDM) as “part party, part mixer, part Science Fair, and part performance,”  Handmade Music is a place where geeky musicians (and geeks interested in music) can let loose, show off and discover new sounds, technologies, interfaces, and workflows.

This post is our call for artists.  We’ve posted something similar to the mailing list, but having a publicly linkable version never hurt anyone.

So, if you design or perform with custom technologies that you’ve made (like Max patches, NoiseToys, circuit bent Speak’n’Spells, or XyloVans), we’d love to put you in the spotlight.  Please email kevin at soundcyst dot com with a description of your work, pictures and/or videos, and whether it’s more of a Science Fair project or performance project (or both!).

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, June 17 at 11:59pm, so get on it! =)

While the exact schedule is still in flux, the event will start at 8pm and go until late.  We’d appreciate it if all presenters and performers could commit to being there the whole night, but if that’s not possible, let us know when you email and we’ll try to work something out.

Keep on hacking!


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