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CRASH Space Joins the Electronic Frontier Alliance

CRASH Space is partnering with the EFF to help create the Electronic Frontier Alliance

The EFA is an alliance of organizations across the U.S. that have volunteered to serve as vital hubs for activism and grassroots organization addressing a spectrum of civil liberties and digital rights issues.

CRASH Space serves as a physical location that interested parties can come to in order to get involvd and learn more. In the next month, we will also be beginning a new class series focused around these topics, spearheaded by our VP, Michelle Leonhart.

You can sign up to be kept in the know here, and can see the current list of available allied hubs here.


A Journey into TouchDesigner:

A Realtime Multi-Media System

TouchDesigner Interface 002

What will we do?

You will learn the basics, workflow and methods of this programming environment and paradigm through a few simple examples.
From there you’ll start to see the innumerable possibilities and get a glimpse under the covers. We will really start to see how it is changing our approach to large installation based projects, performance based art pieces and other realtime digital media. Getting a feel for this environment will no doubt inspire more questions and ideas which will dictate where we more deeply explore. Expect a great collaborative learning environment as dynamic as TouchDesigner itself.

kinect components in TouchDesigner

Have a look at the forums and you will see that the community is small, but steadily growing. You can find answers to many initial questions there. One can also find a great repository of shared files and components offered by users and developers in an effort to connect TouchDesigner with a slew of amazing technologies being explored in digital creativity.

Explore the following:

TouchDesigner Interface 004TouchDesigner Interface 005TouchDesigner Interface 006

So what is it really?

The interface is similar to Max/MSP or Pure Data, in that it is a visual, node-based programming environment. The objects at your disposal range from simple mathematical operations to complex OpenGL texture generators. There are several ways to customize and hand-code your own methods, as well as extend and connect to external generators, controllers, sensors, cameras, etc. You could look at it like a custom rigged combination of openFrameworks, processing and Max/MSP with a focus on creating real-time OpenGL based graphics.

Who is our guide?

The class will be led by Peter Sistrom. Peter is an architectural designer by trade, who’s interests have been veering towards generative art, realtime graphics and media environments for the last 3 years. He has worked in designing, installing and performing interactive and media based projects. These days, Peter devotes his free time to creating abstract visual animations and actively developing realtime media for live performance with TouchDesigner.

Of TouchDesigner Peter says:

In the last year I have been using TouchDesigner for my personal art making and some production work. In this time, I have grown more and more convinced of its place at the top of the new wave of multi-media art and production tools. This year has also seen the program used in several rather high profile productions, ranging from YouTube’s Guggenheim awards ceremony to the Plastikman (Richie Hawtin) world tour video system. Aside from full blown production, TouchDesigner has also been used in interactive installations and collaborative art making at MIT. TouchDesigner is also quite a pleasure when used for smaller personal projects, whether it be a music visualization, as the backbone for some fun I/O hacking, or just about anything else you can think of!

Come to Crash Space on February 23rd at 8p (cal link)
We’re asking non-members for a $10 donation to pay the instructor and keep the space open.

Want to start now?

[Updated 2011-11-13] fixed formatting and product name to “TouchDesigner”

[Updated 2011-11-21] updated link for Arduino-TouchDesigner interfacing

[Updated 2011-02-15] RSVP, invite your friends, or just see who’ll be there with the facebook:


CRASH Space BBS opens pilot project

We are opening our Bulletin Board System for paid postings. These postings could be proposals from people working on commercial products looking for assistance from CRASH Space members, other requests for help for people with specific skills, job postings for full time employment opportunities, or attempts to control the minds of the readers through text alone.

The CRASH Space BBS is a physical, “real world” space for posting interesting things.

Dozens of awesome, knowledgeable, and skilled software and hardware experts will see these posts.

Awesome, knowledgeable, and skilled software and hardware experts

Unlike online “bulletin boards”, passerbys will have multiple chances to read a single message as it is in “physical space” and has a more lasting presence.

CRASH Space members currently have posting privileges for reasonable levels of use (i.e. whatever they can get away with, see informal rules). We are now rolling out a paid posting service on our board to further engage the community with our members and their skills and because money is nice. Details on our wiki, here.

You can also contact the current project manager at