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The Coming Recyclapocalypse: Mega Take Apart March 9th

Hi folks,

Things have been piling up a bit at the space, thanks to a higher than normal set of generic donations (your printers and old useless computers) in between MTAs, and a missed Crash Clean last weekend.

So the coming MEGATAKEAPART is going to have to be a brutal one. I’ll also ask you to hold your donations of more generic items this month (we’ll accept them, but we’re in a winnowing mode atm, so if you donate later it’s more likely they’ll get used).

For those of you with inactive projects in the space, please be sure you’ve labeled your stuff clearly. Don’t assume I know it’s still alive and waiting for your next free time. If you can’t get into the space before Saturday, you can comment here or email me privately to ensure I don’t throw anything you love away without cause.

For non-members, a reminder that Mega Take Apart is a public event, you can come and help us sit in the front room screwdrivering things and watching MST3K, and we also have lots of shiny electronics that might need a new project to be a part of.

If you’ve got something unique moldering in the attic you’d like to see used, we accept donations of all tools, project materials, and electronics, just take it easy on the broken cell phones, old computers, and dead printers this month.

Unlabeled unknown materials, tools, and objects will get an unsympathetic eye this time folks. Get them handled, or tell me in advance what to knoll or pack for you.
Open to the Public, 12-4:30pm Saturday March 9th. Be there or be a regular polygon.


MEGA TAKE APART (September 11th)

It’s that time again.

Electronics live a fast life. They’re useful, and exciting and shiny, and then they’re either broken or useless all too quickly. And you can’t just toss them in the garbage because they’re full of weird stuff.

But there is hope!

Through the use of 21st century super-science, old electronics, books, computers, and plastic bits can go on to live a useful life, being repaired, modified for new use, or harvested for valuable components, the remainder being safely disposed of via an accredited e-waste recycling service.

Donations help us by both giving us stock to use in awesome projects, and spare parts for other objects, and by allowing us to pick the best bits out for use and storage, and recycling the rest, which is good for our storage space, and the environment.

This Saturday from 12 – 4, I’ll be accepting and processing donations at the space. This also serves the secondary function of giving members a chance to come down and pick through the treasure, in case there’s something interesting they want for themselves, or would like to make sure I keep at the space for a future project.

time to desolder


MEGA TAKE APART, this saturday.

Time for another day of going through all the cool stuff at crashspace, processing it for parts and uses, and disposing of things we can’t use safely.

E-waste (like computer parts, electronics, and other mixed items) can’t just be thrown away, they need to be sorted so it can be recycled or trashed safely. So if you’ve got stuff, you can bring it by.

We’ll be specifically accepting donations and processing stuff from 12 to 2pm, and letting members come by to pick at the sorted items for what they might like 2 to 4.

From 4 pm onwards we’re going to make executive decisions and throw away anything unclaimed we don’t think is useful, and break apart anything else we like for parts, so if you think you might like to pick up some stuff, or you’ve had your eye on something in the processing heap, get here before then.

All times are approximate, items may or may not work, nonmembers can play but must defer to members, etc.

For those who can’t make decisions, I’ll be there from 12pm until very late, so stop by anyway, I’m sure we can work out something.


Despair helped us decorate


If you’ve been to Crash Space in the past few weeks you know its, well, a little barren. As you can see in the above photograph, the fine folks at Despair Inc. were kind enough to take pity on our lack of wall decorations and mugs to put beverages in and sent us a care package which we put to immediate use. Hell of an improvement right?? Thanks Despair!!


Looking for Sponsors

As we begin to get everything in order to open we begin getting bills which means we begin needing to find ways to pay those bills. Obviously the goal is to be 100% membership supported but there is a lot of overhead to get the ball rolling and that’s why we are looking to sponsors to help us get the doors open. So what are we looking for and what will that get you?

Sponsoring Crash Space is all about the publicity. Depending on the level of sponsorship a company is interested in their name and logo will be featured on this site and prominently within the space itself – specifically on a big banner we’ll be hanging on a wall in the main room. This means it will be very visible during all classes, all meetings, all photos taken and all videos made during the length of the sponsorship. Additionally we are planning to document the first year in detail (potentially for a book or something) and obviously sponsors will be given good coverage in that. We are open to other ideas as well.

We are accepting a limited number of sponsorships in 30 day ($1500), 6 month ($6000), and 1 year chunks ($10,000) and will likely only have one sponsorship drive ever, so if this is something your company might be interested in this is single chance for that to happen. A few of the spots are already spoken for which is exciting for all. All funds raised will go towards opening the physical location and buying equipment we need to make it work.

While we certainly could take our time and raise the funds from member dues we felt it was better to get up and running quickly and wanted to give this opportunity to some companies who have been very supportive of the LA tech scene in the past. We are hoping to move in mid December and be up and running by January 1. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in talking more about, please leave a comment or contact me at sean at